Getting Started

Designer meets artist but, before that it was shop girl meets pizza guy. Suzanne and Sean met and became friends when Suzanne came into the pizza shop Sean worked at and they became friends, two dorks with big laughs and a love for art and fashion.  Suzanne had been doing fashion design for 20 years and Sean singing in bands and painting for as long. Why not team up and create something special based on their friendship and mutual love of things wild and weird and well crafted (ahem, I mean Krafted) clothing and housewares.

Dedicated to social justice, compassion and being sweet as molasses the Suzanne and Sean collaboration started over coffee and a two very loud laughs. 2 1/2 months in the ideas keep coming faster and faster and we now have a website to talk about them and us and the future we envision.

Stay tuned, keep coming back. Don’t worry we’ll bug you.

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