Who the heck is this Myron character and why should I want him on my t shirt, clutch, skirt, book bag etc. yadda yadda yadda? Well that is a worthy question and one I am happy to answer, you see I just adore that skamp.

Myrons history is long and colorful, filled with mis adventures, bratty fun and the stuff of a childhood filled with questions never answered to ones satisfaction and that therefore lead to broken appliances and bones, late night sneaking out and minor league crime sprees.

His namesake was a one off character on that kid favorite from the late 70’s “Happy Days”. A brat that torments poor Ritchie, left to babysit until the Fonze and his cousin Spike put him in his place ( I may have conflated three episodes there but, whatever it was a silly show). I recall vividly the moment in the episode where Arthur Fonzerelli confronts our hero with his own name, sneered from his leather clad greaser mouth, “ Myyyyyyronnnnnn”. In that moment that name became synonymous  with brattyness, snottyness and everything a punk would want to be; annoying, unrelenting, questioning and pleased to irritateD8119826-0D7D-4183-82D8-BFA8A776D166.

Several years later my brother gave me a bike to replace one stolen from me by one of his teen delinquent friends (good men one and all), it was a old cruiser of no known make, chipped blue grey spray paint coated it in layer upon layer. It was stripped of all but, the essential gear, no fenders, chain guard, kick stand.

Everything about it reeked of Myroness. Punky, junky with attitude and a care less attitude. We were inseparable for over 20 years and I called him Myron. Portland streets were terrorized by us and our bike/rider gang. Screaming for vengeance, beer, loud rock and youthful zest; we two were quite a team.

Nothing last forever and this holds true for old bike frames pushed to the limit for over 20 years. I finally cracked it after jumping down stairs at the Rose Quarter. We hung around for awhile longer until Myron moved on and went to live with some kids who rebuilt bikes into new forms.

When Suzanne started digging through my work to find something she wanted to work with I figured she would gravitate toward my more serious and textile inspired art. So, I was a bit surprised when she grabbed a drawing and pointed at a funny faced character behind the wheel of a cartoon car.

That day Myron came back into my life and I can’t be more happy!

So, there you go, ask me a question and I will reply “ Coddleston, coddlston, coddlston pie”

1 thought on “MYRON!”

  1. Great history of Myron, and fantastic website! You guys are blazing a new trail and Portlandia is lucky to have your creAtive vision. Cheers!


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